Where to meet the hottest girls in Kyiv?

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Where to meet the hottest girls in Kyiv?

Where to meet the hottest girls in Kyiv?

The creme de la creme of beautiful Ukrainian girls in Kiev congregate in Arena on Khreschatyk Street. If meeting girls in bars and clubs is your cup of tea, here’s my review of the most popular party places in town from best to worst.


DIRECTIONS: best nightclubs in Kiev
Tough place to get into, but well worth it once inside. The doormen have perfected the skill of denying men and allowing only hot women to enter. It’s very upscale and has an awesome female/male ratio. It is a feat for foreigners to get in unless you cheat, which I eventually did. I paid 1000 UAH to enter, having been denied two weekends in a row.

However I could drink for said amount which proved great value for money. It was more than I could possibly down and I eventually left with credit to spare on my tab. Drinks were quite reasonable. About 50, if I remember correctly, for a beer.

The girls in SkyBar are naturally some of the hottest in Kiev. Unless you’ve got serious cash and/or am willing to pretend/show that you do, the women here will be hard to impress. A quick in and out, meaning number close then leaving the scene of the crime, is the way to go. Then meet up with her on another day away from the oligarchs in tailor made suits. The assumption is that you’re wealthy anyway as you’re allowed into SkyBar.



No entrance fee or face-control at this place. It’s the bar kiev arena complex, not the first bar you notice in arena complex as it’s tucked away on the 2nd floor. They specialize in fancy, but great value for money, cocktails.

Fairly small club but easy to interact with others. You can come any day of the week and there will be people drinking, unlike at SkyBar, which is mainly a weekend club.

It’s probably the easiest of all spots to get in touch with local girls or make some friends. People here spoke fairly good English.

DENIED ENTRY TO A CLUB? I was denied entrance to Decadence Nightclub (now closed) on account of my Timberland winter boots. I’m pretty sure the real reason was that I don’t speak Russian. This is a common occurrence all over Kiev for foreigners and locals alike. The way around it is to simply say Hello to the bouncer(s) in Russian when he talks to you and don’t say anything else. Just continue walking.

***There are also a number of Strip Clubs in Arena Entertainment Complex but I cannot attest to their quality as I haven’t been.



Located right next to Dinamo Kiev’s old football stadium no more than 3-400 meters from Maidan, this 4 storey night club is my new favorite. On the second floor you have a chill-out lounge where you can actually hear what people say for a change. The same can not be said for the third floor where the sexy in-house dancers strut their wares amongst Kiev’s hottest girls.

The fourth floor overlooks the dance-floor. A great spot to observe and zone in on your targets.

There’s also an outside lounge where you can smoke amongst what I deduce must be, but haven’t verified, some semi-pros. Their Arabic looking orbiters kind of give up their game.

I prefer D*lux as you meet cool people there and the girls are hot and talkative. They have none of the attitude you’ll find all too common in SkyBar. Before 12 o’clock there are few people there. If you arrive between 21:00 and 23:00 entry is free. The crowds start trickling through towards the 1AM mark. It’s quite busy even on weekdays.


2T. BOOM BOOM ROOM (possibly closed)

The club that’s open 24/7. A friend of mine (female) recently went on a 4 day pill induced bender here without sleep. Apparently, there are people partying it up in this club even during the day. Whilst that may be true (I haven’t checked it during the day) the place wasn’t very busy when I dropped in for a beer. It’s definitely a place for techno and trance enthusiasts though. The crowd (if I can even call it that) were also a lot younger than what you see in the Arena clubs.


3. HIDROPARK (during summer)

You need to take the Metro to get there. It’s the same station as the free outdoors gym. Directions and map can be found here. Don’t be discouraged by the hobos and seedy individuals you encounter around the metro there. Yes, this is a rough area at night and people will tell you to not go there. There are some cool bars there though including a table dancing club with hot scantly clad women.

You’ll meet more regular people here which can be difficult in the downtown establishments which are mainly for people with serious money. It is however very difficult in Hidrpoark without speaking either Russian or Ukrainian.

I was in over my head there alone and completely lacked the required language skills. My landlord was shocked when he heard I went there and said it’s the only place in the world he’s been robbed (twice). Still, it looked pretty safe to me. I’d recommend going here at least once early one evening for a few beers and a more authentic Ukrainian experience than the wealthy bubble that is Kreschatyk Street can give you.


This place is a good 2nd choice if you can’t get into SkyBar. It may be just as difficult to get in here, though. I went to Heaven Club with a local girl and haven’t tried going alone. Something she assured me I wouldn’t be able to anyway. As with SkyBar, most men dress to impress and so must you if you are to stand a chance at entry. This isn’t a place to pinch your pennies. It’s located one block away from Maidan in Borysa Hrinchenka Street in the map above. Just walk along that road and you can’t miss it.

Inside Heaven Club. Similar crowd to SkyBar. (Photo Credit: Heaven)

The place wasn’t very crowded but it was before midnight. Things get going late at the clubs in Kiev. That’s how all these upscale places seem to roll. Limiting the amount of people allowed inside is the name of their game. It could also simply be that many contemporary Ukrainians, for obvious reasons, just aren’t in a party mood, hence the thin crowd. As for the likelihood of picking up a girl there, I wouldn’t know as I was occupied. There seemed to be fewer single girls there than SkyBar though.



The interior looks fantastic but I wasn’t very buddhabarkievimpressed with the other revelers. It was practically dead despite being around 12 on a Saturday night. Most guys were wearing suits and the handful of women there who weren’t already shacked up with someone were all clearly over-the-hill-professionals.

They were very eager for the company but it’s not what I was looking for. I don’t recommend going here for anything other than taking a photo of their interior and having a drink. There may have been a small entrance fee which comes with a drink.



Located in a neighborhood dominated by University dormitories, Forsage is not surprisingly then frequented by the students of Kiev. On the surface, this sounds awesome but in practice it’s terrible. You might as well go to a nightclub in Riyadh. Ratios and cultural origin of the club goers will be the same. It’s not worth the 10-minute drive it takes to get there. Even if it was smack in the middle of town I wouldn’t go again. STAY AWAY!



Sorry Babushka to quote my Portuguese friend who knows more about nightlife in Kiev than any foreigner I know is a shithole! He also added that the Club has a strange layout, looks ugly and exudes the opposite of class.

The music is a decent selling point as Sorry Babushka differed from other clubs by playing Russian disco and radio hits. This is possibly the reason why it attracts more MILFs in their late 20 and early 30s than any other club in Kiev. Again, to refer to my Portuguese friend; Sorry Babushka is a village club in Kiev. For this reason it offers something unique and different from all the other bars. Worth checking out for a fun night out.



A highly respected venue that occasionally hosts concerts Caribbean club kiev and salsa parties. This was my ex-gf’s father’s favorite place. It’s most popular on weekends after midnight but there are people here during the weekdays. The club is quite full until 3 or 4 AM. Ladies’ night is on Wednesday. This place is best for people who prefer table service and a more mature audience, meaning people age 30, 40 and above.

It’s also not uncommon to run into professionals here who mainly circle around the Turks and South Americans who come here. There’s definitely a Latin flavor to this place. They also have a live band who play covers of Western songs and the occasional Russian hit.



boraboraclubkievLocated on the beach (literally) this place keeps crankin' until the sun comes up. It’s only open during summer and is best reached by cab from the city center (10 minutes) or by foot from Hidropark metro station.

You just gotta cross the bridge and continue straight. You’ll then both see and hear it on the left-hand side of the road.

Bora Bora has two pools and a little pier you can jump into the river from. There may be an entrance fee pending what day of the week and time you arrive. During the day you pay according to where around the pool you want to sit.

This is an awesome little-known place! It doesn’t matter if you come in the middle of the day or late at night. It’s always fun.



This is not really a bar frequented by foreigners, which makes it worth visiting. The interior and concept is obviously modeled after the famous Hollywood movie from the late 90s. As the bar in the movie, they do have women dancing on the bar. As it’s not really walking distance from any tourist trail, it’s likely your best shot at meeting a regular Kiev girl (other than at Sorry Babushka) who haven’t already been hit on by tons of other foreigners.coyoteuglybarkiev

For lack of a better word, the people who come to drink here are working class. Personally, these are the kind of women I like to hang with in any country I visit. There may have been an entrance fee of 50 gryvna last time I went.



There are several other clubs and bars scattered around Kiev such as Bionica and Saffron. This is a huge city. The further away from Khreschatyk you go the less English people speak. Unless you’re with someone in possession of Russian or Ukrainian language skills, I wouldn’t go elsewhere alone. Not because it’s dangerous, it’s not. Only coz you won’t be able to communicate with anyone.