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A Red Maison® listing is a unique listing service which allows you to add your contact details on, increasing your exposure in front of the one of the world’s largest pleasure website and making it easy for clients to contact you directly.
Each month, your listing will be in front of more than 800.000 engaged clients from around the globe who wants to have fun with you. Your contact information will be prominently displayed and making you just one click away from potential customers.


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Redmaison is more than just a website for gentlemen clubs, escort agencies and independent escorts. It is a portal which provides a 360° service for redlight establishments: From traffic via high paying clients, over recruitment and payment system. Redmaison furthermore is a quality certification which is recognized by more and more clients. Being member of Redmaison allows your establishment to make use of our certification.

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Red Maison is designed to satisfy the needs of the iscerning business and leisure clients. These independent clubs and escorts attract clients who demand character and distinction in a club. Continuously providing a high degree of service and facilities, our members are among the world’s most referred clubs.
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